About Bordom

In a sentence, Bordom is a vast collection of funny memes, strange news, and other fascinating things found on the Internet.

It is a fountain of entertainment contributed by the masses. Bordom attempts to harness this everflowing stream of popular fanfare and present it all in a usable and self-moderating publishing system that is driven solely by the community at large. In other words, Bordom is a socially organic trend machine.

Bordom is a crowd-sourcing engine

All content is individually submitted, but it is collaboratively edited and ultimately published by a voting community.

What this means, is that everything published on Bordom was authored by various people. Content is first submitted to Bordom in the form of a URL or uploaded image. The contributor may optionally prep the item by giving it a title, some tag words, and/or a description or caption, or even a photo or embedded video.

Site members continue to prep the item while it is in the submission queue, while others cast their vote of approval or disapproval on it.

Content that is ultimately accepted by the community is made visible on the front page, where it is shown to all Bordom readers and newsletter subscribers.

Bordom is a peoples' democracy

All contributed content to Bordom will be subject to a voting queue stage, where other members of the site will be able to vote on the quality of your submission. You may vote an item UP or DOWN. (+ or -) When your posted items receive enough votes, your item will be either promoted to the front page, or buried. Buried items do not appear on the front page.

Items that do not receive enough votes within an alloted period of time are automatically judged by an expiry monster. These items will either be promoted to the front page or buried, depending on the number of positive to negative votes the item has received while in the queue..

You must be a registered user to view and edit items in the submission queue. Items cannot be voted upon until they are moderated (or prepped). This means that at least someone has edited the title, or added a caption, excerpt or added an image to the item. Only then can the item be voted on by others.

Bordom is a popularity contest

Items contributed to Bordom are ranked by the number of visits each URL receives. The more your submitted link is visited, the higher it's ranking will be. This ranking is factored in also by the length of time that the item has existed. For example, an item that is a year old with 10 hits will not be ranked as high as a week-old item with only 5 hits. The item rankings directly relate to the contributor's base points.


Hearting an item (we think it's a verb) offers a way to give kudos to the person who submitted the item. This helps the person by adding to their overall score (adds to their bonus), and it also serves as a way for "bookmarking" items that you like. Hearting items is encouraged because it helps determine the quality of content submitted and how popular each item is.

In addition to hit points, registered users also maintain bonus points. These points are awarded for the number of hearts, comments, votes, tags, etc given by registered users. These bonus points are added to their hit points to give their total score. See the Stats for the complete list.

Bordom is an experiment in social publishing

All credit goes to those supporting this project with their content contributions, creative ideas and feedback. All praise and worship to the #BoR manifesto, and the fellowship within. ell ohh ell.

Bordom.net was written and is maintained by Jason Hines (oweff) of DevTwo Software.

Special thanksXOXOXO to @joeyo and @oblio for their continued support and direction -- and to @coolguy for his contributions and general bug fixes and support that he's given. This has really been a team effort.

More thanks to @bvllets for his help with SEO details and online advertising strategies.

Additional thanx to @adj, @threeiem, @fudd, @Alives, @mite, @num, @mimo, @room217, @Colors, @dh-, and the rest of #BoR for being themselves.

See the Terms of Use if you have any questions or concerns regarding the content found on this website. If you have suggestions, or just want to participate in the development of this project, please speak your mind at the Feedback Forum. Bordom is always being improved, and we thrive on hearing from the people who use it.

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