Contributor Guide

Bordom is collaborative blogging. All of it's content is driven in whole by the active community at the time of publishing. To take part in this process, you will need an account on by first signing up.

There are several alternative ways to have it.

With a Web Browser

Although you can submit new content directly, the most common way to submit content to Bordom is by using the PostBordom bookmarklet.

Internet Relay Chat

The original and more ninja-esque way to contribute is by connecting to IRC and hanging out with us in channel #bor on EFnet. There is a fully featured IRC content management interface available.

Email / Mobile Integration

You can also submit new photos via email, or view lulz from anywhere with the Bordom mobile web interface.

Know what (and what not) to submit!

For entertainment purposes only

While collaboration of Bordom content is open to the public, we are very strict about the type of content that is acceptable. The general rule of thumb is.. If it makes you laugh, it's probably alright to post it to Bordom.

Bordom is not a spam machine!

Do NOT submit any promotional advertising of any kind! Bordom is not the appropriate place for this kind of thing, and you will likely be banned pretty quickly for submitting it.

Also, you'll want to see the terms of service for using this website.

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