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Irish chess. pic
Not sure if the object is to win or to lose.
Homo (#14) Mon Jun 10th, 2013 12:11am

I like this game
How to play chess properly 9

Chess with an Aussie pic 2
Alt-text: "Aussies: Cant play chess withem, cant go to the moon withoutem calling shenanigans."

Chess pic
Matt92 (#34) Fri Mar 16th, 2012 11:09am

Yeah, but the blacks can win.
Crackajack (#25) Sat Mar 17th, 2012 3:13pm

<3 comment win ^
bleunoir686 (#68) Sat Mar 17th, 2012 4:10pm

Why can't we heart comments :O
Checkmate pic
C-3PWN3D pic

Straight Up Chess link
Straight Up Chess has just the chess board to fit todays life style a wall mounted chess board. The chess board tiles become the back drop to the chess pieces sitting on narrow acrylic shelves. The decorative frame adds the finishing touch to this fine art for your home or office. The chess board is off the table, out of the closet, out of the way and beautifully displayed on the wall. Let the game begin! Visit Link →

RZA Launching Chess/ Hip-Hop Social Network link
WuChess is a new online chess + hip-hop community that will offer live game play, chat rooms, tournaments, lessons and exhibitions featuring RZA and special guests.

WuChess will donate a large part of revenue to the Hip-Hop Chess Federation to fund scholarships.
Visit Link →

WuChess is coming. Will you be ready?
World chess champion loses to computer link 1
BONN, Germany - World chess champion Vladimir Kramnik lost his final game in a match against computer program Deep Fritz on Tuesday, ceding a hard-fought Man vs. Machine series 4-2. Visit Link →

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