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Cat Hack pic 2
AndrejD Thu Oct 17th, 2013 1:03pm

IPhone Hack pic 3
POOP pic 1

oblio (#7) Fri Aug 27th, 2010 11:50am

some cool stuff but so, so long.
thehubble (#82) Sat Aug 28th, 2010 2:20pm

A lot of it is inaccurate such as the elevator hack and the extra batteries. Makes me question most of it.
Bike Hack pic
PS: this is amazing.
iPhone SMS Hack link
According to the researchers, they will demonstrate how to send a series of mostly invisible SMS "bursts" that can give a hacker complete control of the iPhone. Visit Link →

Use a 2-Liter Bottle as a 50 Watt Light Bulb lightbulb hack

The Greatest Software Ever Written link
And now for The Greatest Software Ever Written--Unix. Visit Link →

Witness the definitive, irrefutable, immutable ranking of the most brilliant software programs ever hacked.
say buh bye to aacs link
There is no future in which bits will get harder to copy. Instead of spending billions on technologies that attack paying customers, the studios should be confronting that reality and figuring out how to make a living in a world where copying will get easier and easier. They're like blacksmiths meeting to figure out how to protect the horseshoe racket by sabotaging railroads.

DIY - RC Car Floor Sweeper link
What's fun, cheap, good looking, and cleans a hardwood floor with an advanced search and navigation algorithm? An electrostatic dust mop attached to a radio-controlled car. Vroom! Visit Link →

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