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What's all this aboot? pic 5
Washing your Pussy. pic 1
Daily Tails of Chase... wtf kitty link
I was in an accident when I was 4 wks (2005), I became disfigured. I have a Furry Will to survive & I am completely healed. I require medication during the day to keep my eyes moist. I will always look different but I am in NO PAIN! I have seen 10 vets and they can attest to that! Im a happy kitty and hope to help other humans feel just as great about themselves and realize that not everyone looks perfect and that is OK. =^..^= Visit Link →

bvllets (#11) Fri May 22nd, 2009 2:06pm

Poor lil' guy
mrwzrd (#38) Fri May 22nd, 2009 2:23pm

jesus put that cat to sleep

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