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Priests in lab coats link
Philosopher Michael Ruse is an ardent evolutionist who thinks creationism is claptrap. So why is he accusing atheistic scientists like Richard Dawkins of being as religious as born-again Bible thumpers? Visit Link →

oblio (#7) Mon Sep 26th, 2005 1:47pm

I think this it's always important to be reminded of this. The article states that, "[Ruse] thinks evolutionists must purge themselves of reflexive anti-religious fervor, and acknowledge at least the potential validity of the classic Augustinian position that science and theology can never directly contradict one another, since science can only consider nature and God, by definition, is outside nature."
joeyo (#9) Mon Sep 26th, 2005 1:54pm

note: " Ruse is drawing a crucial distinction between evolutionary science, narrowly considered -- which need not have any religious or spiritual consequences -- and evolutionism, the secular, atheistic religion he says often accompanies and enfolds Darwinism."

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