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nice yahoo! ad placement! pic 1
geeksta rap! link
Nerdcore or "geeksta" rap replaces references to sex, drugs and violence with sophisticated beats layered with allusions to J.R.R. Tolkien, computer programming, video games and science fiction, all with a hefty dose of tongue-in-cheek humour. But geeksta rappers are no meeker than their inner-city brethren: the f-word appears in nerdcore lyrics almost as frequently as Bilbo Baggins. Visit Link →

Lords of the Rhymes!
it's the new mr. potato head doll,er...jay-z doll pic
One accessory it *DOESN'T* come with... A JOB!!

heh. look at those lips.

killer fairies caused 4 deaths. lance bass unavailble for comment. link,,2-2006550658,00.html
Seven were bewitched and one was led to a pond to drown by a will o' the wisp a ghostly light. Visit Link →

Mite's Southpark Persona pic 1
go sabez!

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“You have a group of sucker”