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“Post to Bordom” (CLK2Q) Bookmarklet

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Post to Bordom

Drag this button up to your browser toolbar to post to Bordom with a single click.

The NEW javascript bookmarklet (version 2) that allows you to quickly submit URLs to Bordom with any browser. Just click & drag the "Post to Bordom" button below into your browser's bookmarks.

You are then 1 click away from instant Post Bordom gratification. (careful)

The PostBordom bookmarklet (version 2 released 7/21/2009) is the result of Corey Wilson magnificence.

SearchBordom Mozilla Plugin

Install this quick script to add Bordom searching capabilities to Firefox.

Install SearchBordom!

The SearchBordom plugin is maintained by Joey O'Doherty.

Google Gadget

Click the ADD TO GOOGLE button to add this gadget

Add this hot silly mess to your iGoogle homepage by clicking on the Google icon. It honors your NSFW preference and adds life to your boring iGoogle page.

PostBordom Shell Script

A small script for submitting URLs to bordom from the command line. Any POSIX-ready operating system is equipped with the tools necessary to allow you to submit URLs from the command line. To install, download this script and place it anywhere in your $PATH. Edit it first to specify your nickname, then simply call [URI] to submit a given URL to Bordom.

NOTE: Requires a text editor, awk, wc, and netcat.

The PostBordom shell utility is maintained by Joey O'Doherty.

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